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KT1 Removal Van Hire Kingston Upon Thames When You Need It…


Moving Van to Hire Kingston upon ThamesWhen Kingston upon Thames movers need a removal van, Kingston Upon Thames Removals can supply one in a range of sizes and with ample space to accommodate whatever it is you need to move from one location to another. We have a large number of moving vans available to customers in many forms, and you can hire one for as little or as much time as you require, just call us on 020 8610 9195 with your requirements and we’ll price up your moving van service.

In KT1 removals are sometimes easier to pull off if you have a trusted group of friends or relatives there to help you deal with the trickier jobs such as dismantling furniture, packing up boxes with fragile items and delicate pieces you need to keep clean, and putting together new furniture when you have been to the furniture store. You might alternatively be moving your kids into university and want to help them get set up in a day in a student house or apartment, perhaps with some furniture being moved.

Rather than hire movers, you can call our company on 020 8610 9195 to obtain your very own removal van  Kingston upon Thames, and you can use it how you wish, with free ramps provided to help you load it up with furniture items, and a trolley to enable you to wheel them in and out of a house. Our KT1 removal vans are always clean and tidy and we can provide carpets if needed as many people worry that their furniture might be scuffed or chipped whilst they are dragging it across the floor.

Our KT2 removal vans are available in a full range of sizes. We have much smaller versions which are almost like enlarged car boots, medium sized vans and small lorries, and bigger lorries (dependent on driver licensing requirements) to enable you to complete full KT2 house removals. Whatever you need we have the removal vans equipped and suitable to deal with your removal needs and we can provide you with a very satisfactory vehicle at your disposal for as long as you need it.

Kingston upon Thames Removal Van KT2When house removals are dealt with by our removal team, we can only promise a high quality and super efficient moving service but we understand that many customers are particular about their move, and don’t want their belongings to be put at risk. It’s occasionally the case that too many cooks can spoil the broth which is why on occasion we’ll happily back away, provide you with the vehicle you need and let you organise your own house moving. When you have a marvellous and extremely handy removal van to take your belongings from A to B many people find the rest quite easy and that’s where our moving van hire is so useful.

You can also call on our removal company to provide packing materials if needed. Packing is perhaps the most arduous task involved in the house moving process and getting it done without suitable containers and materials is, in all honesty, asking for trouble. We at Kingston Upon Thames Removals can provide you with cardboard boxes, temporary wardrobes, plastic sheets and binding, bubble wrap and polystyrene and duct tape for you to be able to place all of your belongings into boxes in safe and protected conditions, enabling your crockery, picture frames and china cups to be moved sensibly and free from movement.

If you need any more assistance or help with your removal van hire, our team would be delighted to give you some advice. Call 020 8610 9195 to ask any questions you may have or for a free quote, inclusive of insurance costs.