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quote If you are in need of removal services give this place a ring. They get the job done well and for half the cost of other companies.

  • Mallory Jones
  • 05Aug 2019

quote Due to a recent accident I really wasn't in any fit state to start preparing for moving house. It was unfortunate that this unlikely event happened to coincide with my house move, but I really needed to speed things along, with my moving day fast approaching. That's why I couldn't afford to spend time searching around and buying materials from different places. At KingstonuponThamesRemovals, I found everything I was looking for to begin packing and get my house move off to the right start.

  • Patricia L.
  • 17Mar 2015

quote I was moving work premises and needed a cheap option as money was tight. I was given the name of a removal company called KingstonuponThamesRemovals to use their van hire service. Well, wow!! It was excellent and there was such a choice from small to large vans that were all new and fully insured. The rental rates were very competitive and the benefit was that you had the choice of a day to longer to rent them. An absolutely great service! It was great to have the freedom to do our move in our won time. Plus the sales assistant gave us some useful tips to load the vehicle so there would be no mishaps. A really useful service at a great cost!

  • Kelly Stewart
  • 27Feb 2015

quote After finding the perfect home for my family I was shocked to find that the packing process involved far more than I had originally envisioned. I quickly realised that I was going to need help and lots of it. This help eventually came in the form of KingstonuponThamesRemovals, a local moving company who definitely came to my rescue. They came in and got packing as soon as I asked them to and did it all in a no questions asked manner. From then I was able to move on with the moving process, but I definitely wouldn't have been able to had it not been for the packing help I received.

  • Gwyneth P.
  • 16Feb 2015

quote When it comes down to it, moving house requires skill and experience in the field. Of course, I am just a lowly accountant, but KingstonuponThamesRemovals know exactly what they are doing when it comes to removals. We found that they were excellent in terms of ensuring that we were well looked after throughout the removal, as well as being wonderfully nice to talk to. The move happened with apparent ease, and the job was pretty smooth over all! I have been very impressed with their work, and would recommend them highly!

  • Ruth W.
  • 10Sep 2014