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Handy Movers Kingston Upon Thames for All KT1 Removal Occasions:


KT1 House Movers KT2Our KT1 removals are carried out with such efficiency, reliability and panache that Kingston Upon Thames Removals is usually the first name on anybody’s list when considering removal companies KT1. We must give credit however to our fabulous removal staff, who really do make all the difference when dealing with removals Kingston upon Thames and you can get in touch with them by picking up the phone and calling 020 8610 9195 today.

The training we give our movers is splendid and we choose the very best removal staff London can provide, who are able to deal with moves of all shapes and sizes. The most important job you will entrust to movers KT2 is moving furniture and heavy items, and these need to be handled capably and with care to avoid accidents, chips, scrapes or in the worst case breakages. Our movers are trained to handle items in a certain way to minimise the risk of that happening, and to ensure safety and security at all times for your larger items.

Most furniture pieces don’t lend themselves well to narrow doorways and spiral staircases, and moving wardrobes, dining room tables, glass cabinets and pianos presents KT2 movers with a very obvious space and logistics problem to deal with. When you are handling large furniture and working it into or out of a house, a few handy manoeuvring techniques can spare you a lot of grief and sore muscles and our Kingston upon Thames movers are so used to dealing with bulky items that we can bring that to you when you need us to deal with your removals. We can capably manoeuvre the biggest items in and out of doorways and save customers from having to abandon oversized items.

This isn’t always possible though and for those occasions when you end up with something that simply won’t play ball, our movers can dismantle items to move them in more manageable pieces. We won’t leave you in the lurch however and our removals include the same level of help unloading and unpacking your items at the new address and we’ll reconstruct any furniture pieces we’ve had to break down to make it easier for you to get your belongings in the correct place.

KT1 Office Mover KT2Our removal team is not only handy and very capable when it comes to meeting the many physical demands of moving, but from the word go we possess the experience and the know-how to really break a removal process down into manageable chunks and give you a clear plan to move things forward. Our movers will meet with you prior to moving day if this helps, and undertake a stock-check of furniture items, gauge the number of boxes and the quantity of material you’ll need to get everything packed up safely and we’ll execute the move in accordance with a very well-planned moving checklist, so that you know what is happening at every stage, and with organisation so that nothing goes wrong.

Not only do we have a terrific set of staff at your disposal, but we have removal lorries that can capably manage delivery loads of all sizes, with packing material supplied and applied by our team. We at Kingston Upon Thames Removals pack items with care and attention, making sure that fragile photo frames, china sets and glassware are wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a padded box. We stack our vehicles in a way that minimises the risk of movement or damage and if you want to know more about our preventive measures, call 020 8610 9195.

If you would like to book a time and a date for your removal with our moving company all you need to do is call 020 8610 9195 to speak to our sales team, and we’ll give you a quote that includes the cost of insurance cover.